[How easy is steamed cod to make it delicious]_how to do_what method

Cod is a kind of fish rich in high protein and rich in nutritional value. Compared with other fish, the fish is more delicious, the fish is less thorny, the resulting vitamin is more, and it is easily digested by the stomach, so it is especially suitable for the elderly andLittle children eat.

There are many cod practices, such as: steamed cod, braised cod, cod stewed tofu, spicy cod, etc. Here is the simplest method-steamed cod.

It is often said that the better the ingredients, the simpler the method, and the better the taste.

Today, I introduced a steamed cod, which is a home-cooked dish. The method is simple, but the taste is really good.

The main raw material is cod; the process is steaming and the production is simple.

Rich in nutrition and sweet in flesh; cod is rich in protein.

It also contains vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients.

Ingredients: 1 piece of cod. Thaw the cod at room temperature, then wash it with water. Drain the water and use the onion to cut the slices. Ginger shreds (for steaming cod) and slices (for curing cod). Place the cod on a plate.Here, put ginger slices, salt, and cooking wine for about 5 minutes in the wind. During this period, turn up and down to make the cod taste better.

Take the cod out and place it on another clean plate. Put the shallots, ginger, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, and steam on the pan (to boil the water in advance in the pan) for 8 minutes.

I like to spread ginger silk underneath, to go fishy and fresh.

Do not open immediately after steaming, turn off the heat and wait for about 3 minutes before opening.

After it is out of the pan, burn some hot oil in a hot pan, pour it on the steamed cod, and pour some steamed fish stew on top, and you’re done.

Precautions Cod must not be too verbose. Tender ones are best to eat. Other methods: Production method: 1. Tomato cod porridge: Suitable for babies who have just started adding fish for about 8 months.

It is enough to cause the smell of tomatoes to cover the fishy smell, and it is sour and sweet, so that the baby will eat it all at once.

Ingredients required: tomato, cod, rice.

First cook a pot of rice porridge with a rice cooker.

The tomatoes are scalded with boiling water.

Pour the base oil into the pan and stir fry the tomatoes.

Boil the water in the pan and cook the cod. It takes about 1-2 minutes.

Cooked cod is easy to peel, peel and bone, and then chop into small pieces with chopsticks.

Put the fried tomato puree, cod pieces and boiled rice porridge together in a casserole, and cook for about 10 minutes.

2, cod ball winter melon soup: suitable for babies over 8 months, required ingredients: cod, egg liquid or egg yolk, flour, winter melon.

Take cod meat and eggs, add flour and stir in a blender.

Don’t put too much egg liquid, it can help the blender to stir the fish into mud.

The stir-fried fish paste will be a bit thinner, and you need to add some flour to make the fish paste thicker.

Take a spoonful of fish paste in the palm of your hand, squeeze the fish paste out of the tiger’s mouth, and dig with a spoon to make a fish ball.

Cod puree is a bit sticky, so you can fill your hands with water before handling.

At the same time, boil a pot of water in the pot, cook the winter melon slices, and then add the prepared fish balls and cook.

3. Seasoned vegetable cod bibimbap, required ingredients: cod, fungus, carrot, cabbage, rice.

First boil a pot of soft rice and share a little trick: add a small bowl of rice to the rice cooker, four times the water, press the “porridge” button, and simmer for 40-60 minutes.Bowl of soft rice.

Fungus, chopped onions, and shredded carrots.

Chop heart is cooked and chopped, cod is peeled and barbed after being cooked, and chopped with chopsticks.

Pour the base oil into the pan, stir fry the onions until the onions are soft, and add the carrots and fungus.

You need to add a little water to stew the vegetables. When the soup is ready to dry, add the cabbage and soft rice.

Finally stir-fry evenly and you’re ready to cook.