[Can you eat coriander with fever]_ fever_ can you eat

During the illness, the body is relatively weak. Some people need to eat nutritious foods to improve their physical condition in order to strengthen their bodies. However, colds often lose appetite, and many foods cannot be eaten casually, so as not to affect the physical recovery.

Some people will use some folk remedies to treat fever in order to treat fever. Can coriander be used for fever?

Three “vegetable” vegetables on the Internet can be used to reduce fever. The reporter entered the word “baby fever” on a large Weibo search platform and immediately jumped out of the 50-page search results. These search results were forwarded from each one called “The blogger of “Food Factory”, Weibo’s headline is “Do not infuse the baby with fever, and keep all three vegetables safe”.

The Weibo introduced that when the baby is sick and has a fever, do not give the baby an antipyretic medicine or infusion easily. The cold can also be cured with dietetic methods: coriander leaves, stems and roots 3-4, white radish 23 to 3 slices of ginger, 1 to 2 slices of ginger and boil for 15 minutes.

Give the baby a moderate temperature to drink, and the baby will sweat and drink to sweat.

Once this Weibo was issued, too many netizens responded positively, saying that they would try to collect it.

In just a few days, the Weibo was reposted more than 30,000 times, with nearly 2,000 comments.

A netizen said that he had collected and stored it in the file and waited for the backup.

There are also redundant netizens who question this method.

Parents are eager for many parents. The reporter interviewed too many local parents in Yangzhou.

Citizen Ms. Qin said that when the baby became ill, their family was very worried, and the usual solution was to run to the hospital as long as they had fever.

Every time she saw the pinhole punctured when the child was infused, she was very distressed. At the same time, she was also very worried about the substitution of western medicine.

If there is such a method of diet that can safely and healthily reduce the fever of a baby, then she is willing to try.

Mr. Zou, a citizen, said that when his 4-year-old daughter had a fever, he would usually give the child a bowl of ginger soup and cover it with a quilt. After sweating, the fever would naturally recede.

But he is also frank. This earthwork is sometimes useful and sometimes useless. It cannot be generalized. When the child has a severe fever, his first choice is to send it to the hospital.

Recipes may aggravate the condition. Is this dietary treatment useful or not?

The reporter interviewed Chen Weiming, deputy chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Subei Hospital.

He said that the principle of this formula is the same as that of “Ginger Brown Sugar Soup”. It is not a bad thing for a baby to drink more hot drinks when he has a cold and fever, and ginger is also obvious to everyone in helping with cold and cold.

However, the effect of this prescription on pediatric fever remains to be discussed, if the baby has a fever of 38.

Below 5 ℃, parents can try, but if the fever reaches 38.

Above 5 ° C, you still need to take your baby to a distance hospital immediately.

In addition, he also told reporters that because parsley has a divergent nature, it is best not to use this recipe in children who are prone to colds due to qi deficiency, because these children often have symptoms of qi deficiency in different degrees.Eating too much or prolonged eating will consume gas and damage the spirit. Boots will cause or aggravate the symptoms of qi deficiency, leading to a more severe cold.

Therefore, after the baby has a fever, it is better not to be good at using the “food remedies” for the baby, or consult a medical expert before accepting.


Do not rush to take medicine below 5 ° C. “If your child has a cold and fever at 38.

Below 5 ° C, in general, we do not grant the use of drugs, “said Zhu Lingling, director of pediatrics at Subei Hospital.

She told reporters that if the child had a cold and fever in the early stages, his temperature was below 38.

5 ° C, at this time, parents should not rush to take the medicine, otherwise they can observe it first, and reduce the temperature by some physical methods, such as drink plenty of water, bathe in warm water, wipe the forehead, and replace.

If the temperature of the fever exceeds 38.

5 ℃, or a low fever for two or three days is not good, parents should pay great attention to bring the baby to the hospital for treatment.

In addition, she also reminded parents that there are various causes of fever, and some gastrointestinal diseases can also cause fever in children. Therefore, parents should not be blind when they find their baby’s fever, and use some recipes and earth to treat the baby.