[How to make mutton with cumin and spring onion]_ Common practice of mutton with cumin onion _ How to make mutton with cumin onion _ how to make mutton with cumin and onion

Now that people’s lives are better, they have become more attentive to eating.

In the past, everyone ate to fill their stomachs.

And now people eat to extend their lives.

So, how to use “eating” to extend life?

Still have to do it by yourself.

Now, Xiaobian will first introduce the method of cumin and scallion lamb.


Ingredients are ready 2.

1 Ginger, chili chopped, green onions obliquely cut into strips 3.

2 Lamb cut into thin slices, soak raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, cooking wine, cumin powder, pepper sugar, raw powder and marinate for about 2 hours 4.

Put ginger, chili, and shallots in order in a pan 5.

Then put the marinated lamb and stir-fry quickly on high heat6.

Stir-fry until the mutton changes color to turn off the heat after weaning. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of cumin powder before going out of the pot to live a healthy life without a healthy diet. I learned to cook at home, which is healthy and nutritious. Today I ‘mDid you learn the mutton with cumin and onion?