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Cakes such as cakes can actually be made at home. The oven can be used to make cakes, and the oven is simple and convenient to make cakes. Of course, flour and eggs are necessary for making cakes. At the same time, other spices must be added in a certain proportion.Cream, salad oil, etc., many people can’t make ordinary cakes because they haven’t mastered the skills yet.

The following teaches you how to make ordinary cakes with the oven.

Cake body: low powder: 90 g cocoa powder: 14 g filling: soft cream cheese: 200 g light cream: 500 g powdered sugar: 65 g vanilla cream: 1 drop of fruit: whole egg: 3 sugars: 90 g Milk: 45 g salad oil: 45 g

Pour in the eggs 2.

Beat at a low speed until it forms a fish-eye bubble. Add sugar in three portions and beat until thick. Lift the writing character and slowly disappear. 3.

Low powder and cocoa powder are sieved into 4 in order.

Mix evenly (tips, be careful not to stir in one direction to avoid creases), and don’t pay too much attention to avoid defoaming5.

Add salad oil and milk in turn, mix evenly 6 and pour into the mold, shake out bubbles 7 and add to a preheated oven, bake at 160 degrees, and bake to 35 minutes 8 This naked embryo cake requires three cake embryos 9 pourAdd softened cheese until smooth. 10 Add powdered sugar and whipped cream. Stir until smooth. Beat until completely blended. 11 Sort paste and add fruit. Smooth out. 12 Decorate cake with fruit. Ingredients: 85 grams of low-gluten flour.40 grams of olive oil (corn oil), 40 grams of milk, 50 grams of fine sugar,

5 grams of corn, a small bottle of white vinegar, and 5 eggs?

Method: 1. Separate the egg yolk from white and put them in different pots; 2. Stir the olive oil (corn oil) and milk thoroughly, then sieve into the low-gluten flour with a fine sieve and stir, then one by oneAdd and stir well; 3, start to beat the protein: add a small bottle of white vinegar to the protein, then add corn starch, add fine sugar in three portions and beat with an electric eggbeater until the protein is picked up and the eggbeater is pointedCorners; 4, mix the beaten protein with the prepared in the previous 2 steps; 5. pour the batter into a tin-plated baking sheet; 6, preheat the oven, and bake at 170 degreesJust 15 minutes.

7. If baking with thick cake molds, the time should be appropriately lengthened.