[How to make fluffy floss]_How to eat

Many people prefer to eat meat floss, but if they usually do less, it may cause the meat floss to be tight. If you want to make the meat floss like fluff, you must pay attention to the choice of meat first, and it is best to choose tenderloinThe meat, this part of the meat is better, can make a good floss, in addition, the meat must be cut into long strips along the lines of the meat, this can also make a floss-like floss how to cause a floss-like floss material:Fillet 500g, ginger, 3-4 slices, 1 spoon of cooking wine, 1 tablespoon of old soy sauce, 1/2 of oyster sauce, 3 grams of salt in spoon, 50 grams of cooking oil and 40 grams of cooking method: 1.

Wash the plums and remove the fascia 2.

Cut into long strips along the meat line, add ginger slices, and pressure into the pressure cooker 3.

Remove the lean meat and cool 4.

Put it into a fresh-keeping bag and crush it with a rolling pin 5.

Tear it again with your hands, the finer the better.

Mix all the spices together and mix well.

Put the meat and seasonings in a wok over low heat7.

Just use the chopsticks to bake and dry.

The pork floss can be sealed and stored after it has been cooled. Because pig lean meat contains a certain amount of sodium ions, and a large amount of soy sauce brings a considerable amount of sodium ions, friends who need to limit salt in their diet should eat less.

In addition, because no white sugar has been added during processing, the original low content of calcium carbonate in lean meat has also increased a lot.

Some pork floss has also been added with an exception to make it more fragrant, but it also brings a lot of energy.

Meat floss is much higher than lean meat, which is a high-energy food, and the amount and frequency of eating must be controlled.

There are many ways to eat pork floss1. Eat directly: the simplest way to eat is to eat directly. This is the most delicious way to taste meat rosin, fresh and sweet.

It is even better to drink it with Mongolian milk tea.

It is suitable for hunger or nutrition supplement in the office (especially suitable for pregnant women who need to supplement nutrition at any time). 2, with milk: eat with milk, the method of Mongolian soldiers when Genghis Khan expedition.

3. Served with cold dishes: processed cold dishes-pork floss skinned eggs.

Preserved egg is delicious, but it has ammonia smell due to special manufacturing method.

After the preserved eggs are cut into a plate, a layer of floss is spread on the preserved eggs. The flavour and flavor of the floss can cover the ammonia flavor of the preserved eggs.

Beautiful and nutritious, it is a common cold dish in many hotels.